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How To Reboot Back to the Future

Back to the Future Timeline

Syfy Picks Up ‘Grave Sight’ by ‘True Blood’ Author

Trailer: Hotel Transylvania

Hot Problems: “Party with My Friends” A Star Wars Sing-Along

Actual Poltergeist or Great Special Effects?

You be the judge. I’m never going in the kitchen again.

‘The Tale of a Madman in a Box’

A great piece of work to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I do love seeing my old favorites.

Thanks HeartofTARDIS

Grim Reaper May Return For Bill & Ted 3

Ender’s Implant – First Look

I Don’t Want to Believe

New Prometheus Trailer – David

5,000,000 E.T. Atari Games Rumored Buried in the Desert

I don’t know if the video below is real but the story is real. Personally I didn’t think it it was such a bad video game. Maybe because it it was one of my very first games every.

E.T. is frequently cited as a contributing factor to Atari’s massive financial losses during 1983 and 1984. As a result of overproduction and returns, millions of unsold cartridges were buried in an Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill. The game’s commercial failure and resulting effects on Atari are frequently cited as a contributing factor to the video game industry crash of 1983.

Wiki Article Here

Mocking Bird Lane – A Darker Reboot of the Munsters

See the Trailer for ‘Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope’

I’ve never been to Comic Con but I’ve always wanted to go. It’s such a huge ordeal. I’m so jealous of all that attend. I haven’t watched it yet either, but I plan on it! Rent it here.

Thanks iheartchaos

First Teaser for Looper

Jedi Grandma Badass

Map of the Dead – A Continuation of Your Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

A Field Guide to the Handheld Weapons of SciFi Poster

American Horror Story Casting News

Poster for The Host

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