After Earth Trailer (Will Smith & Son)

Jap Star Trek Teaser shows possible Spock Death Scene

Star Trek into Darkness Teaser

The Ghost of Moonlight Graham

First Still From Ender’s Game

New Superman Poster

Star Trek Into Darkness – Poster (look no colon)

Dark Skies – Scary Movie or Cover-Up

Warm Bodies Official Trailer #1 – A Comedy

Doctor Who: The Great Detective (Christmas Special Prequel)

A Detailed & Humanesque Star Wars Sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda

Behind the Visual Effects of Game of Thrones

I love these videos. When I watch Game of Thrones I am so completely captivated that I very rarely question what I see in front of me especially when looking at the landscape. This is goes to show that I’m a fool, and I don’t mind one bit.


Back to the Who-ture

Who ya gonna call?

Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation

by otaking77077

Nerd Bowling – Doctor Who vs The Nerdist

via katcarver

I knew it.

Actual DeLorean Hovercraft

Etsy Find : Star Trek Beverages Poster

Call Me Bowie

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