Review: The Walking Dead “Better Angels”

Maybe it’s because my expectations were so dramatically lowered by the episodes preceding it, but this episode saved the series for me. Brilliant is what it was. This episode was great on so many levels, and if you haven’t seen it then shoo, be gone with you. Spoilage ahead.

I’m so overwhelmed with love for this episode that it’s hard for me to pin it down in intelligently written paragraphs without dishing it back to you blow by blow.

The opening montage really started me off in a good mood. This is was the perfect example of mixing Rick’s solemn yet inspirational speech at Dale’s funeral with the gruesome Walker group take down (HUZZAH! PITCHFORK FTW!). The emotions were captured perfectly. The looks between the characters told volumes in the most perfect silent way.

Next, can I get a standing golf clap for T-Dog? When he started DELIVERING ACTUAL LINES this episode I started to worry. I may have said a little prayer even. It was something along the lines of, “Please don’t let him have a Dale episode where he talks a whole bunch after having not talked all season just to be gobbled up by a Walker at the end of the episode.” And Yay! He spoke just enough to bring his character back into the foreground, but not so much that he earned the motor-mouth red shirt of death.

I’d also like to give a little nod to the set up. For a while I’ve been wondering when Shane would wise up to the fact that if he just ACCIDENTALLY killed Rick, then he could get Lori and Carl back the way they were. This episode set that up nicely, but didn’t move too slow or obviously to set us off before the end.

So, editing? Brilliant. Acting? Brilliant. Reintroducing T-Dog? Hallelujah. Finally drawing out my tears for Dale with Glen repairing the Winnebago? *sniff* Killing off Shane and then almost instantly resurrecting him as a flesh hungry Walker? Hello, plot twist. Nice of you to stop by.

So yes! This episode answers that hovering question that you may or may not have noticed from the episode at the school. Those people were indeed biteless and scratchless. Because Zombieism is now apparently something that you can catch LIKE A COLD, provided you are deceased. Or so it seems. I suppose we’ll wait and see what’s in store for us in next week’s season finale.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it isn’t to be missed. The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.


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  1. Honestly, I was about to give up watching TWD. Because my expectations started to get lower day by day. But this episode may just convinced me to keep watching it. This episode was brilliant. And I am looking forward to watch the season final(which is next episode, I guess?) now. By the way, I like your reviews and work.

    • I am so completely with you. This episode so completely stood out from the last group. It was much better done. It’s completely reset my standards, now that I know they are capable of this kind of greatness. And thanks for the compliment! You made my day!

  2. barronnetworkcom

    This whole season of walking dead has been so slow. I really started to not care and when it completely went left by killing Dale so early I just didnt want to watch anymore but that all changed on sunday. This was the best episode in series history , shane is finally dead and now a horde of walkers are coming their way…who will survive (I think T-dog) still going to die ha ha…Great post

  3. I totally agree! Best episode of both seasons! They’re really going to have to step it up to top that. And T-Dog will probably still die, but I’m really hoping his character comes back into the foreground so that it’s not like killing off an extra, you know? I do quietly hope that this horde of Walkers will maybe kick them off the farm. I need a change of scenery! Thanks for the comment! I’m digging the discussion that’s coming up!

  4. barronnetworkcom

    yea and since the Govenor has been casted you know there moving off the farm. So i totally expect this season to end with a bang and all of hershels people die except maggie and possibly sophia’s mom

    • Wow, so total slaughter? That would be pretty awesome. I’m not very good at forward thinking. I’d like to see Hershel come along and out of his element, but he seems like he might be the type to “go down with the ship.”

  5. LOL, just watched the trailer for the finale and it’s right on target for what we are talking about. Posting it now.

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