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J. K. Rowling to Publish First Adult Novel

I for one am thrilled. I loved the Harry Potter series, not because of their subject matter, but because of the way that the author wove together the story, images and mythology of the whole world she created. When the last of the HP books ended I was sad to say good-bye to Harry, but even more sad at the prospect of not having anything else of her caliber on the horizon.

Title, release date and details will all come out later this year.

This girl, just heaved a sigh of relief.

Thanks TVGuide

Book Club: The Passage

Why did I pick up this book? It was on a MUST read list published in the iPad magazine Project. Oh and the synopsis said it was about vampires. Yeah, you might be seeing a pattern. It’s not about sexy vampires. I feel I have to make that clear. It’s about apocalypse creating zombie-style deatheaters. Sounds cool. I have heard a lot of good feedback from people who loved the book. Honestly I thought it was too long. It resolved itself and then started over, and over. Then you get all the way to Chapter 71 and you realize you’re headed for a cliff hanger. Another book to come. Sigh. This book (in my opinion) will make a much better movie. Will I read the next one. Probably. But I’m not excited about it.

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