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A Detailed & Humanesque Star Wars Sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda

Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation

by otaking77077

Actual DeLorean Hovercraft

Etsy Find : Star Trek Beverages Poster

Starships Video

There is another, maybe better one on Vimeo Password is “starships”

Arthur C Clarke’s Best Short Story

Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds

I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but SPOILERS, if you’re new.


Zombie Pet Shop

Retro Posters Boldly Go

The TARDIS Shed is Bigger on the Inside.

The Star Wars I Used to Know

I spent a week at the beach listening to Gotye because my 8 year old is obsessed. Well this parody TAKES THE CAKE.


Thanks geekologie

The First Zombie Proof House

Earth Unaware (The First Formic War)

Welcome to the Afterlife

Proof that Time Travel Exists Hidden in Old Oil Paintings

Steve Jobs + Wozniak + 1984 Ghostbuster Spoof = EPIC EQUATION OF WIN

Leonard Nimoy is such a Badass

Fiction to Reality Timeline

Forget Zombies. It’s the Robots We Should Be Preparing For.

Your cute little smart phone may be an adorable part of your day to day life, but it’s just opening the flood gates for the inevitable robot uprising. Here’s a short (and cute) video to make sure you’re better prepared.


Just Part of a Balanced Cylon Breakfast

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