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A Detailed & Humanesque Star Wars Sculpture of Jedi Master Yoda

Star Wars Tie Fighter Animation

by otaking77077

Unsung Hero of Star Wars – Wedge Antilles

Light Up Lightsaber Pops


Hot Problems: “Party with My Friends” A Star Wars Sing-Along

Washed Up Villains of the 80’s

Etsy Find: Star Wars Yoda Welcome Mat

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Meanwhile in McDonald’s

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May the OMNOMs Be With You

Star Wars Birdhouses

The Best Decision a Parent Can Make

Dogs + Star Wars Photoshop = GENIUS

Owen & Beru Lars Action Figures

Lightsaber Arm Tatoos

These look pretty fresh. I suppose there’s still time for him to release a video of himself waving his arms around making light saber noises. I shall hold my breath until that very moment.

Minecraft AT-AT

From the Demotivational iPhone App

First Death Star Over San Francisco, Now Death Star Over Copenhagen

I can’t get enough. This will never get old. Both videos for your enjoyment, or re-enjoyment.

San Francisco:

And Copenhagen:

Thanks geeksaresexy and Mike Horn

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