Mocking Bird Lane – A Darker Reboot of the Munsters

Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me producer Brian Fuller sat down and talked with Entertainment weekly about his new project Mocking Bird Lane and we also have who’s been cast so far. In addition to all that goodness we have the concept art from Entertainment Weekly as well. So if any of this sounds spoilerific to you, stop now.

Remember the Munsters? Please say yes. If not, please go remedy that. I love the Munters for what it was. Old, black and white, and funny. What I love about The Munsters in the hands of Brian Fuller is, as he puts it, “It’s an American Horror Story that the whole family can watch.” Sold. Here’s an excerpt from an interview he did with EW.

I always loved the original and was much more a Munsters child than an Addams Family child. The Munsters were the more relatable family. The Addams family looked normal but they acted weird and were sort of mal-socialized in a way. The Munsters were a more functional, sane family unit, they just looked different. [The shows] were almost inverses of the same idea. Obviously, Addams came first, then The Munsters took advantage of the Universal monsters and what they brought to the table. What excited me was to tell this story — and it’s going to sound strange in regards to this property — in a grounded, more realistic way.

Here is the concept art for the home and for those of you who don’t remember I’ve included a shot of the home from the original series.

First to be cast was our beloved Grandpa and I think Eddie Izzard will fill those shoes nicely.

The English actor will play is a powerful and irresistible womanizing Grandpa, capable of shape-shifting into rats, wolves, and various other animals at will. NYdailynews.

Next cast has been the normal of the family. Charity Wakefield will play the poor Marilyn who is sort of the outcast in a family of Monsters.

In Fuller’s version of the story, Marilyn is a college student who clashes with Grandpa (Eddie Izzard) but has a good relationship with Uncle Herman, Aunt Lily and cousin Eddie. The latter three roles are still to be cast. TVweek.

And finally, here’s the concept art for some of the costumes for Lily and Grandpa. Following that is another excerpt from Fuller’s interview with EW about the way the costumes are envisioned.

We’re not doing bolts in the neck and Bela Lugosi. It’s almost the Real Housewives of Transylvania. These are a blinged-out representation of what monsters would be doing if they lived in our society today. How they would look, how they would interact. Our wardrobe is heavily influenced by Alexander McQueen and his use of animal textures. For instance, with [the vampire] Lily, all of her wardrobe comes from nature. The first time we see her this nest of spiders weaves her dress on her body as she’s standing there. We’ll see ravens come in and assemble her blouse out of their feathers. We won’t see animal skins because the animals are donating as opposed to dying for it. She has domain over nature and nature has a fantastic esthetic.

I can’t wait!


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