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Michael Dorn Is Pitching A Star Trek Movie About Worf

Behind the Scenes of The Walking Dead Season 3

Sounds like more romance, more insanity and more zombies. You can keep the romance, guys. Give me WALKERS. I gotta say it’s sort of hard to take these actors seriously when they are nonchalantly talking about things while they’re covered in blood. Here’s the cast talking about the filming of Season 3. I personally don’t think it’s spoilery, but I suppose some of you might.

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Ender’s Game Teaser Poster


Alabama Phoenix Festival — The TARDIS Rises

Welcome to the Afterlife

New Prometheus Viral Video – Quiet Eye

Falling Skies Season 2 Promo Art

Everything is at Stake – True Blood Season 5 Character Posters and Trailer

The C-3PO with a Boner – Star Wars Trading Card from Topps

Revolution – Abram’s Post-Apocalypse

Proof that Time Travel Exists Hidden in Old Oil Paintings

Unsung Hero of Star Wars – Wedge Antilles

Steve Jobs + Wozniak + 1984 Ghostbuster Spoof = EPIC EQUATION OF WIN

What Have You Been Doing, Dave?

Leonard Nimoy is such a Badass

Fiction to Reality Timeline

Forget Zombies. It’s the Robots We Should Be Preparing For.

Your cute little smart phone may be an adorable part of your day to day life, but it’s just opening the flood gates for the inevitable robot uprising. Here’s a short (and cute) video to make sure you’re better prepared.


Just Part of a Balanced Cylon Breakfast

Avengers Art

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