Sherlock – House MD Mashup Season 2 Spoilers

Back when 40 Something was on the air, Dr House was father to Sherlock Holmes. Wut? You ask. Well this video shows how their relationship became distant as the years went on. Set to the tune of Cats in the Cradle. Also, Americans, if you haven’t watched season two, there are some snippets in here, so be warned.

Brilliant Awesomess.

via Youtube: daasgrrl


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  1. If you think that medical dramas are slow-paced, monotonous and far-stretched with regards to storylines, then watch House MD online and think again. It has re-ignited viewer interest in the imagination-driven hospital scenes. The physician’s optimism to drag a patient away from the tunnel of death, a patient’s strong will to free himself from the strong clutches of death and out of the queue medical procedures are once again gripping the audience.

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