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Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Map

The First Zombie Proof House

The C-3PO with a Boner – Star Wars Trading Card from Topps

Possessed Chuck-E-Cheese Robots

Zombie Headshots: It’s a Matter of Physics and Caliber Selection

Skeletons of Cartoon Characters

What Matt Smith made during his downtime. (WARNING! VERY CREEPY)

Gem of a SciFi Show that nobody knows about.

Mitt Romney & Gul Dukat Separated at Birth

Robots Performing the Theme to James Bond.

Obvious Winner – So Easy To See The Awesomeness – ow – Custom Predator vs. T-Rex Sculpture

Owen & Beru Lars Action Figures

Magical Long-Exposure Fireflies

by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu

Click link below to view more photos by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu

Magical Long-Exposure Firefly Photos Go Viral | Raw File |

Emergency Broadcast System – Zombie Attack

I found this gem while browsing There are many more like this one, but this is the best. Let me warn you now, Its very scary.

via Youtube: theEASexperience

Creeptastic Disney

I’ve always wanted to work at Disney. Specifically I’d like to work at Disney World. But if I can’t work in the park, I WANT THIS JOB. Japanese ghost for the haunted mansion? Mickey gas mask? Maleficent doll? Yes. Please.

From laughingsquid

Flying People in New York City

This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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