Map of the Dead – A Continuation of Your Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

Avoid the Red Zones

So, you’ve booked your session at the Zombie Mall to train on scenarios of strategic methods of combat in Zombie slaughter and you’ve watched every episode of The Walking Dead so many times that even you’re starting to wonder when the last time you saw Carl was. Well now it’s time to start arming yourself with the tools you will need to actually survive. And what better way to start than with a map.

We all know that you’re going to need provisions. You’ve got to feed yourself, while managing to not feed yourself to a Zombie. You’re going to need GUNS, and other weapons. And don’t forget medical supplies, because we all know that a person can go their whole life without any sort of life threatening injury and then the moment the Zombie Apocalypse strikes you’ve got and cut your hand off, or gashed your arm on rusty metal, or gotten shot by a bullet meant for a deer ET CETERA.

Clearly this position will not work in an actual Zombie Apocalypse and I'm not sure my office would be ok with me bringing my crossbow to work.

Well such a map has been created with those specific needs in mind but with the added knowledge that there will also be places you will want to avoid, LIKE HOSPITALS which EVERYONE KNOWS will be completely OVERRUN with Zombie just waiting to eat your brains. In fact, this map even goes as far as to show you where the man made structures are, because they will be clearly more likely to house famished Zombies and you should head into those places WELL ARMED.

“Map of the Dead,” created by the digital agency Doejo, quickly shows survivors services that would be most helpful should the dead start to rise, such as gun stores, supermarkets and radio towers (to call for help).

The site mines Google‘s map data to come up with an array of color-coded icons to aid the living.

Thanks mashable.


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