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Etsy Find: The Zombie Gardener

Emergency Broadcast System – Zombie Attack

I found this gem while browsing There are many more like this one, but this is the best. Let me warn you now, Its very scary.

via Youtube: theEASexperience

Resident Evil – Retribution Zombie Mishap

On October 11, a platform collapsed during the second day of filming and injured 16 people on the set. According to Toronto police, ten people were taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Injuries included bruises and broken bones. Emergency workers had a difficult time determining which injuries were real since the people were dressed in zombie costumes with fake blood.

 Taken From &
 Thanks @grandmastine

Etsy Find: Harry Potter Death Eater Mask

I know it’s past Halloween, but you still have SciFi and Comic Conventions to consider year round. And what better way to do that than to keep a Death Eater mask handy for any of these occasions?

But really this is a ruse. Not to diminish the awesomeness of this mask, but this esty site contains some rather disturbing imaginings of the zombie garden gnome variety.

I don’t have the GUTS (see what I did there?) to post it here, but if you like zombies (and GUTS, ew) then click on over. You’re welcome, or I’m sorry. Or both.

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