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American Sherlock Gets a Watson

Rumor Mill: Cumberbatch in a New Role

Sherlock – House MD Mashup Season 2 Spoilers

Back when 40 Something was on the air, Dr House was father to Sherlock Holmes. Wut? You ask. Well this video shows how their relationship became distant as the years went on. Set to the tune of Cats in the Cradle. Also, Americans, if you haven’t watched season two, there are some snippets in here, so be warned.

Brilliant Awesomess.

via Youtube: daasgrrl

Etsy Find: Show Your Sherlock or Time Lord Support

  This might make more sense to you if you’ve watched season two.

I’m thinking I need this for day to day wear, but especially for comic con fashion.

Sherlock not your thing?



Then get this trio of Doctor Who bracelets!

Doctor Who not your thing?

Then why are you here?

Shop them!

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