Fan’s Attempt to Conclude Stargate-SGU

The Virtual Third Season is Back!

For me at this point, any closure is good closure. Maybe this is the first step for online services like Netflix or Hulu to provide original online-only series. Firelfy, Jericho and SGU are the first that come to mind but I bet there are much more out there.

This site concludes the story of Stargate Universe in screenplay format, following, and revealing the ultimate mission of Destiny, and the fate of her crew. Episodes 3×01 – 3×08 Here


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  1. Leaving the show at season 2 was a bummer, I wonder how these scripts would handle season 3. Thanks for sharing!

    • let me know what ya think.

      • I just finished the last one in the series just this morning. It’s interesting, but I could think the series could’ve ended better and there were many opportunities to develop the characters and the ship itself. The ending is a let down (because it ended…and everything resolved too quickly), but understandable as fan piece.

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