The Host – First Trailer


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  1. Let me tell you this. It’s real easy to look at “Stephanie Meyer” and gag yourself silly. I’ve read it, and it is INDEED TERRIBLE. BUT. It’s a really neat idea, that when I read it I believed would (in some crazy way) translate better into a movie than it did in the book. In fact, I encouraged people NOT to read it. Telling them to wait for the movie, because it would make a much better movie. And it will. The basic premise is that Earth has been taken over by a small alien life force that uses human in a parasitic/host relationship. People who have been taken over can be identified by the blue ring you see in the eyes. Trouble is that they’ve essentially changed the human race for the better. It’s a good premise people. Give it a chance. Hopefully in the right hands this could actually be a good movie.

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    I actually enjoyed reading The Host. It seemed like an interesting premise, and i coukd imagine how easily it could be adapted for the big screen. The first trailer makes the film look very promising.

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