He Said, She Said Movie Review: The Hunger Games

This is not SPOILER free. Major plot points will be discussed. If you’ve read the books and not seen the movie then I imagine that you’re probably safe to read on, but we will be discussing both, so consider yourself warned.

Jess: Ya’ll I’m coming at this from the point of view of having read the books. I think like any book turned movie, there are certain highlights of the book that you really can’t wait to see imagined on the big screen. For me personally, I really felt like some of those things really surpassed my expectations and some didn’t come close.

For example, Katniss’s chariot fire was sort of underwhelming while the twirling interview dress was spot on. All of the characters cast surpassed my expectations, but I sort of expected more from the capital residents. And where the capital itself shined as a location, I felt that District 12 wasn’t really well explained. Madge was completely cut (in the way that Peeves from the Harry Potter books was cut), and the repercussion from that is that the Mocking Jay pin isn’t really unique or special to start, which I guess is fine.  I really felt like they could have added a couple of minutes here and there to add better tension or drama. I didn’t really feel like proper sympathy was built for Rue before her end. I did like how they added the behind the scene’s moments with Seneca and the gamemakers, because at first the area wasn’t coming across as technologically generated. It was just looking like a forest. They really did that well.

This movie is a great companion to the books but I’m afraid it probably doesn’t stand on it’s own very well. The good news is that so many people read the books and built up a ton of hype for it, so we’re very likely to get a second and third movie. Catching Fire will be a great movie and I really can’t wait!

John: I came into this movie having not read the books. Mainly because I never have time to read the books and I can watch the movie in two hours. There, I said it. Im lazy, Happy? Anyway I thought the film wasn’t bad. Not too great either. I found it to be very predictable, and even though I didn’t read the book, I felt like I had seen it before.
–    I do have to say that it was a very attractive movie. The CGI wasn’t over the top and the actual footage was very nice looking. I wonder if they used one of the new RED cameras. The rich folk looked like characters from a Dr. Seuss book. And the rich live a very privileged existence. I love how they have magical medicines that heal deadly wounds over night, but still need a lower class to mine coal. And if they are still mining coal way, way, way in the future, why am i paying close to $4.00 for a gallon of gas?
–    Another thing: All of the people were good looking. It seems like every futuristic, post apocalyptic film has very attractive people. We probably breed the ugly out of us at some point in the future.


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