Iron Sky – First Four Minutes Leaked

I really thought this movie was a joke when I read about it maybe a year ago. But it seems that Iron Sky is going to happen. As I recall, I learned about this idea on one of those late night conspiracy radio show. The story was about how the Nazis stole alien tech to create iron ships which they used to populate the inner earth and the moon. It looks like Iron Sky may not be a bad film after all. The idea of the Nazis coming out on top hasn’t been played out much. There was a hint of it in Captain America, but they didn’t stand a chance. Watch the intro and let me know what ya think.


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  1. I think what I love about it is that to some extent scifi can really shine when it utilizes an element of ridiculousness, which this most certainly does. I think it’s going to be one of those it’s-so-terrible-it’s-awesome kind of movies. Count me in!

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