Preview: The Walking Dead “Better Angels”

Remember that time last week when I told you that it was a do-not-miss-or-the-social-internets-will-spoil you kind of episode? This one is like that but with all the anticipation of a finale that comes from it landing in the penulitimate slot (read awesome ladeled with awesome gravy on top).

Also remember that time when I was majorly down on the whole Walking Dead experience? In fact, I have had very little nice to say about any episode since the hiatus. This episode changes all that. I will go down for the record saying that this is my favorite episode for the season. NAY, THE SERIES. Yeah. I went there.

This episode can’t be missed. It must be watched live.

Watch it tonight LIVE at 9/8 central on AMC.


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  1. I have been down on the show since the episode with one zombie in the well as the whole zombie presence. I get it. It’s a drama and zombie’s are the backdrop but get over yourself writers if for a moment you think that zombie’s aren’t the reason people are watching. Last week’s episode was pretty good. I haven’ t watched yesterday’s but I’m glad to hear some buzz for it.

    • I totally agree with you. The zombies were definitely my last string for watching. And if they want to make the drama of the living worth watching, then they need to make it as awesome as watching them be eaten by the dead. Heh.

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