Tom’s Take: The Walking Dead “Judge, Jury and Executioner”

What a stomach turning episode… rip roaring? Too much? OK, it wasn’t really either of those things but I couldn’t resist.

Right, there are 2.5 things that I think are worth talking about after this episode. Firstly, what Daryl said is right, “the group is broken.” Well, to put it more precisely in line with my thinking, it has proved to be fundamentally flawed and lopsided.

Every one of the show’s characters accepts (granted, some more than others) that Rick is the leader of the group. Well, the last two episodes have shown Rick struggling with his moral compass about whether or not it is right to order the execution of the kid they picked up. Here’s my issue; why is Rick even getting so involved in the decision? His problem is he hasn’t set up a structure or chain of command in the group. In my eyes Rick is Barack Obama. When Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden was he on the ground in Pakistan? Nope. He was sat back in his White House (note the colour of the farmhouse) taking advice from all sides and ultimately making a detached decision in the best interests of the people he is responsible for. Rick is putting himself on the ground, getting his hands dirty. I think this is causing him to struggle needlessly with things other people should be dealing with. It’s time for Rick to realize he needs to devolve certain responsibilities to people who are more capable of getting their hands dirty and start actually being a leader.

The final scene, and what Rick was unable to do, must be a watershed moment for the character. It’s time to stop screwing around, stop treading water, accept the world as they knew it is gone and it’s time to get organized. Andrea, Shane and Daryl are his soldiers. Hopefully he realizes this soon.

The second thread of my thinking concerns Dale’s death. I feel this situation proves my earlier point. Rick is unable to do the dirty work the group needs doing to survive. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s right he brings a tether to the aggression Shane and Daryl bring but in the world they live in, as he is, he can’t and shouldn’t be leading from the front.

Would Rick be able to make decisions more concisely if he wasn’t involved in the execution of the harder decisions? Would Dale still be alive if Rick hadn’t had to think about pulling the trigger? Would there have been a different chain of events had Rick been more decisive?

Last point, Carl. He is starting to lie and is ignoring the advice/orders his two fathers are giving him. Well, the consequences of his actions have been profound. It will be interesting to see what affect the consequences of his actions have on him. I’m not sure he will be fully able to process what has happened but it is going to be interesting to see how he reacts. Which father figure is he going to take after? Aside, he caused Dale’s death but he isn’t to blame.

There was too much talking and not enough zombies in this episode for it to register as one of my favorite episodes. I enjoyed last week’s episode more because it was more action packed. That being said, this episode did what it wanted to do very well.

One final  thought… I can’t believe they killed Dale!!!!!

Written By @tomwilson23


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