TRON Lightcycle Replica Can Be Yours

My husband talks all the time about getting a motocycle. I only thinks he brings it up so much because my response is always the same. You know, the typical over-my-dead-body song and dance. I might make an exception for this, but only if I can’t mount it over our mantel. I would actually do that. Here are the details from ubergizmo.

Fancy owning yourself a motorcycle that looks like it was stolen from the movie set of Tron? Well, here’s your chance. The folks over at Charitybuzz are auctioning off a replica Lightcycle aka a Xenon Light Motor Bike. Designed by the Parker Brother Choppers and donated by Evolve Motorcycles, it features a custom lithium ion battery which is used to power its electric motor. That’s right, no unhealthy emissions will be coming out from this bad boy.

The bike features a handcrafted fiberglass grame and 32″ hub-less wheels offset by OLED light tape. While the bike is said to have a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 50mph, the winning bidder will be able to choose the bike’s battery and motor type as well as the light tape color. The bike normally retails for $55,000 but the highest bid currently stands at $23,000 so you might get a chance to nab it below retail price. Then again, there are eleven days left until the auction ends so anything can happen. Anybody planning to bid on one?

Go bid on it. As of drafting this article the minimus bid was at $31,500.00 GUESS THAT MEANS WE’RE OUT. 😦



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