Can Filmakers make a decent SciFi film today without cgi or green screen?

These folks are working on making a Futuristic scifi movie without the use of cgi or green screen. Watch the trailer and support them.

See more at C-The Movie


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  1. chandlerswainreviews

    It’s entirely possible to make a good science fiction film without any overt special effects at all, if one understands what genuinely constitutes science fiction: films such as “Star Wars” are not science fiction, they are brainless knock-off Saturday afternoon serials cum outer space westerns without an iota of science fiction’s main goal, which is a reach to understand the tenuous application of developing science and technology and it’s effect on a society, or Mankind in general. I doubt Jabba the Hut or a Transformer, or a comic book superhero fits that bill. Great science fiction films made without extraneous effects would include: “Seconds”, “The Damned” (aka “These are the Damned”), “Charly” and “The Man in the White Suit”.

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