Review: The Walking Dead “Judge, Jury and Executioner”

Best of the second half so far. Well I hope you made it through unspoiled. If you’re here and you haven’t seen the episode then turn this web reading device off. Now. Turn it off. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone being spoiled on tonight’s episode because they read this blog without having been sufficiently warned.

Great. Hopefully if you’ve stayed it because you’ve watch the end of tonight’s episode and you’ve wiped away the tears, and are wondering what’s next. If you haven’t then YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Tonight Dale went to the Walker Free Winnebago in the sky, and it was a pretty violent end. It was a little difficult for me to get emotional about it because Dale hasn’t really had much of a role this second half. Well, until this episode. This episode he wasted a whole lot of breath trying to convince the lot of the group that it’s completely uncivilized to murder the outsider that they saved and healed just because no one likes him and he’s probably not of good character anyway. Ok. Fine. But I’m with Dale, and I can’t see why there wasn’t even one person that would agree with him. In fact everyone was real quick to agree. So Dale was the last hope. Dale was the last hope for the humanity of the group, and that last hope got his guts ripped out by a Walker. Then while the last hope for humanity is bleeding to death and going into shock, Rick can’t even muster up the courage to put him out of his misery. It takes Daryl to complete the execution. Of hope. Am I beating that into the ground enough? Because the only thing that I can hope for is that this incident will send a shock wave through the group.

Daryl is my last character love for the show. I feel like he’s really consistent and well motivated. Walker ear necklaces and dead squirrel wind chimes (not really, it just looked that way) are totally weird, but at this point it’s true to character. I feel like regardless of the extenuating circumstances he still remains true to himself. Same with Carol. She’s the same person she’s always been. I didn’t like her in the beginning and I don’t really like her now, but her actions in telling the group to just make the decision without involving her is very consistent with her character.

I feel like most everyone else is being completely remade. Which is a logical and natural given the situation, but Rick is getting to be a bit on the wish-washy side. Let’s save him. Let’s hang him from the rafters. I can shoot Sophia. I can’t shoot Dale. I won’t be swayed by my child’s take on this situation. Wait, maybe it’s weird that my son is all “right on” about cold blooded murder.

Lastly there’s Carl, who is being exactly what a kid in situation would be like. He’s nosey, he takes things that don’t belong to him, speaks like the adults are speaking, and he antagonizes something in a way that he think a grownup might. Turns out, these actions have good and bad effects. On the one hand he saves the life of the outsider and on the other hand he frees the Walker that eventually rips Dale in half, which I feel could have been done in a better way. Not the gut ripping, that was done about as gut rippingly as it could have been done, but his lack of appearance in the second half of the series really took all of my sympathy with it.

I have pretty high hopes for the next episode, because I feel like we’ve rocked the foundation of the group with the loss of Dale. I feel like this show needs a good rocking. And if you’ve started a drinking game where you drink every time T-Dog says a line, then I’m excited for you and your sobriety. Ya know, cause you can’t drink cause he never speaks. Ok. You’re right. He got a sentence that was interrupted this episode. MOAR T-DOG, AMC!!!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 8/9c on AMC.


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  1. Dale. I cried. That’s as simple as that. I cried.

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