Review: Awake Pilot

Spoilers abound. If you haven’t watched, go do it, then come back here. Here’s a bit about the show. Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) was in a car crash and ever since he is split between two realities. In one reality (the red one) his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) lives and his son dies, and in the other reality (the green one) his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) lives and his wife dies. In the red reality (where his wife is alive) he is still partnered with Detective Freeman (Steve Harris), but in the green reality (the one where his son is alive), he has been separated from Detective Freeman and been partnered with a newly promoted Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama) who is still just a cop in the alternate reality. That just leaves us with the agency appointed therapists. We have Dr. Lee (BD Wong) for the red team and Dr. Evan (Cherry Jones) for the green team. Last but not least is the tennis coach Tara (Michaela McManus) who is acting as a stand-in mother figure for Rex (green). And the reasoning behind the red and green color coding is because it’s actually a practice already put into place by Michael Britten in the form of colored rubber bands in order to keep the realities straight. I can see how it would get confusing.

Did you follow any of that? It took like 20 minutes to type it.

I’m not going to lie. I watched this episode one time and I knew that in order for me to talk about it intelligently I would have to rewatch it with a piece of paper with a line down the middle, one side labeled red and one side labeled green. I knew that I could keep the wife and son straight to their colors (barely) but I wanted to make sure I had the proper therapist in the proper column.   Even more important than making sure all my main characters were straight, was seeing which crimes and their details went in which column.

Upon second viewing, I did notice one thing. There is a little bit of editing help done for us by the director. The world where Michael’s wife is still alive is tinted warmer. It actually feels a little more red in color, and in opposition, the world where Rex is still living is tinted cooler, greener, almost even blueish.

Though I believe that there is no way I could break down this episode scene by scene, I do want to break down what I noticed in each reality, knowing full well that there is probably PLENTY I missed.

Let’s start with Red (which will be capital from now on cause I’m the boss). I start here because this is where the show starts. We start with Red and with the wife still living. This is also where the case he is working on starts first. This is the taxi driver shootings starting at 611 Waverly Place. I noticed several things (though there were probably many more). The criminal was discovered to have Red hair here before the other reality, and in this reality the therapist (Dr. Lee) holds a Red book and writes with a Red pen. Hannah Britten wears Red when they go out to dinner and she orders some bright Red cherry tomatoes on her entree.

And in the Green (capital G! hahaha I’m drunk with POWER) world it seemed like most everyone was wearing green to the tennis match, including the people in the stands, and Rex. In this reality the crime led them to a Waverly Parking lot and more specifically space 611.

In the two crimes, they both had two casualties and they both ended in Britten’s partner (in the respective realities) shooting the suspect, who also happened to be the same. BUT both of the crimes were different in nature, and location. Red had random shootings with the suspect looking to get caught and the other had a more abduction focus (murdering the parents) only to go hide away in the woods.

I HAVE NO IDEA. I don’t know which is which or if Michael Britten is just in a coma dreaming the whole thing. NO IDEA I TELL YOU. I suppose I will have to watch to find out.

Awake airs Thursdays at 10/9c.


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