Review: The Walking Dead “18 Miles Out”

Don’t read on until you’ve finished the episode. *Spoilers Ahead*

Can we say that Rick put Shane in his place this episode? Yeah. I think so. And you know what? ‘Bout time. Most dramas intentionally avoid actually spelling out terms in a discussion, probably for the reason of higher drama, but I really appreciate Rick and Shane having a “come clean” moment.

More than that, I appreciate the high drama of Rick considering (cause you know he totally did) leaving Shane to the Walkers, and I appreciate the fact that Shane totally thought he was a goner. In between all the traded fist punches of Rick and Shane, I also loved the Walker chases. Something about being surrounded by Walkers still evokes the proper anxiety as it should, the show’s real strong point. And it this episode I thought it was really well contrasted with the lone Zombie in the field, who evokes no anxiety at all. That Zombie was just like a wild animal, harmless i, its current state.

If you can’t tell by now, I liked this episode much better than the ones preceding it. But I’m not without issue.

I think the suicide story was pretty relevant, but could have been done better. I really think it should have been with a character we cared more about for it to be more compelling. Also, the bit with Andrea was just terrible. And I can’t get behind the theory that people who are thinking about suicide just need to be given the means to carry out such a desire to test their will to live.

Also the edits between ZOMBIEE ATTACKKK and sisters talking about their feelings just sort of left me feeling sea sick. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that I’m not being slowed down by commercials. Maybe it will feel different when the natural slow of commercial breaks is added into the mix, but the whole thing felt way too polarized for me to stomach.

Just to round off my gripes, I do not think the Lori attitude of a woman’s place and a man’s place is cute, and GIVE ME MORE T-DOG. Where is he? Why can’t I watch him on this show? ANSWER ME THAT.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC on Sundays at 9/8c


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