Review: The Walking Dead “Triggerfinger”

I liked this episode better than last week. So at least there’s that. I’m also really diligent about not reading anyone else’s reviews before I write mine, and there were plenty of people out there who l-o-v-e-d last week’s episode.

This week we had WALKERS, and Walkers almost eating people, and Walkers actually eating people. So yeah, gore-licious.

And when we weren’t running from zombies, this episode was bathing itself character development, which sounds strange for mid-season two. I felt like the whole episode we were being given a whole new side to the majority of the characters.

You think you know Glenn? Yeah well, Glenn, who used to be sort of brave and daring, isn’t anymore. He’s changed by love. In this very episode.

You think you know Rick? Yeah well, when Rick plays hide and go seek he can’t keep his mouth shut. Oh and he might be cracking under the influence of his wife just a tad.

Speaking of LORI. You think you know Lori? Well, PSHAW. Do not tell Lori any fibs, people.

I said to @Loster21, (paraphrasing) “and Lori got all plot-y there at the end!” to which she responded (paraphrasing again), “She was very like Lady MacBeth.” Clearly she was the more eloquent in the conversation, but ISN’T SHE THOUGH?! I mean, Shane (who I’m not quick to side with) tells one little white lie for her own good and now she’s gone all crazy town.

Also, Andrea is in charge of selling us on the it’s-not-that-Shane’s-a-bad-guy-it’s-all-about-his-delivery, which smells a lot like AMWAY and I’m not buying it.

And when the characters we know and love aren’t popping figurative crazy pills the other characters seems to be extra flat or else having conversations that don’t really go anywhere.

I know it may not read really clear, but I did like this week better than last week. Promise. The Walkers were great. Windshield face guy? Just wow.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.


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  1. I am SERIOUSLY fighting an impulse to shout that Lori woman while I’m watching the show… Irritating…

    • OH I KNOW. But it’s getting to be like that for me and any of the characters that are speaking. HEY. Where’s T-Dog? Can we get a little dialogue from T-Dog, or a little substance from Dale even? Sheesh.

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