Preview: Awake

Head. Is. Spinning.

It’s good, guys. The cast, the premise, the dialogue. It’s all good. Besides being good, like really good, it’s confusing, but that’s the point. After a car crash Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs, Harry Potter movies) finds himself torn between two realities. In one reality his wife, Hannah (Laura Allen, Mona Lisa Smile),  survives the car accident (but they are coping with the loss of their son) and then when he falls asleep in that reality he wakes up in a reality where his son, Rex (Dylan Minnette, LOST), is alive but his wife Hannah is dead.

Did you get that? Cause that’s the easy part.

Both realities continue as normal. Detective Britten continues to work and solve crimes, with each reality having the same police staff, but some in different roles. And in both realities the police force has him seeing a doctor to talk through the trauma of losing a loved one. With both doctors he’s being up front about the dream/reality struggle he has.

I can’t really say more without giving it away. The episode officially airs on March 1st, but in this reality you can watch it online. Now. The full episode is available on NBC’s YouTube Site. I’ll post a review after it airs March 1st on NBC. See you then!


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