Review: Being Human US “Turn this Mother Out”

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I know I only just started watching Being Human like two months ago, and most of you have probably been waiting for Season 2 longer than I have, but wasn’t it totally worth the wait?

I mean, I really felt like we just jumped back into the fire! Guns blazing! Volcanoes exploding! And other hot-like comparisons! I’ve always said that the major down-side to writing reviews for television is that inevitably I’ll get spoiled. The internet is just full of good clickable information. So, I can’t say that anything in this episode really surprised me, except the tail end, but I’ll get back to that.

So if you’ve devoured the box set like I did, or paid any attention to the news in the last couple of months then you were expecting Mother. She’s come to get the vampire law all straightened out in Boston. Lucky for Aidan, she doesn’t want him to lead, but instead co-lead with her daughter, whom he digs out of the ground just before closing credits. He will train the daughter to lead and will win his freedom if he’s been successful. What could go wrong?

Meanwhile, Sally decides to haunt her high school reunion where she bumps into one of her classmates who committed suicide while they were in school. The interesting thing about this is his declaration that suicides don’t get doors, another rule, which I love, but sad! Together they bump into another classmate that’s passed and after she finds her door, Sally decides to attempt her first ghost sleep that turns sort of nightmarish after a dark figure attacks her out of her door in the dream.

Also, we pretty much expected Nora to turn she-wolf, though they really made us wonder if they might change their minds at the last minute. AND I WAS NOT EXPECTING JOSH TO GET SHOT! Just as Josh hears Nora’s metamorphic screaming he gets shot by Amish Vamp, Hegeman.

And then the episode ends. Just like that. In the most unfair and brutal way possible. Here’s the season premiere you’ve been waiting for. Last 10 seconds? SHOOT JOSH. Meanies.

Want more? You have to wait until MONDAY.

Again, Meanies.

Being Human airs Mondays on Syfy.


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