End of the Year Review

A breakdown of 2011 per my own opinion.

The year has come to a close as it tends to do. This year has been my first year to watch television critically. It’s got its up side, like occasionally getting to preview an episode, and it’s got a down side, like paying really close attention to the internet can lead to spoiling. Also, when I watch television with a critical eye, I view it more harshly than I do when I’m just catching up on DVR recordings.

So I thought I would break down what I’ve been watching on the record and what I’ve been watching off the books, what I haven’t been watching, but I think I should be, and what’s my biggest surprise find of the year.

Let’s start with what I reviewed this year.

The Walking Dead

Honestly, when I watched season one last year I wasn’t hugely invested. This season, because I’ve been writing about it, I’ve been a lot more invested. I can’t lie to you, I SOBBED in the final moments of the finale. Maybe it’s because I’m a mother, yeah, let’s blame it on that. Will I watch season three? Of course. Should anyone who hasn’t watched any of it yet spend their free time catching up? You betcha. The Walking Dead staggers back to AMC February 12, 2012 at 9:00 PM


This is the final season of Chuck and it’s not over yet. In fact by the time this publishes, I’ll be two episodes behind. Chuck is such a great thing to watch when I’m low on television to watch. For me, Chuck is a relaxer. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s smart and they’ve been packing in guest stars like cute little sardines. It’s my little reward. Still airing on NBC Fridays at 8:00 PM


Ya’ll I tried. I blame the fact that I couldn’t completely watch all three preceding seasons before I started to watch and review season four. I watched a couple of episodes and reviewed them and I liked them ok. The thing is that so many doors were opened up for some really cool ideas and they just never took off. They got sort of swept under the rug. There’s still a chance the maybe someday I’ll catch up, but it’s a monumental task. I probably won’t be on for 2012. It continues on Syfy Fridays.

Hell on Wheels

A  western that really showed some promise when it started. I’ve admitted in my last few reviews that it really is losing me. With three episodes to go the series has been given a second season. I can only hope that the finale is going to really be something. Next episode is January 1st on AMC.

American Horror Story

This show had me salivating every week. It was like an addiction I had to feed. I’ve read slightly up on what’s going on with next season, but I’ll save that for another post in case you want to save yourself from the spoiler. I would. REGARDLESS of what they do, it’ll be worth finding out. My number one winner for 2011. I’ll be waiting in anticipation for its return in Fall 2012.


Best I can give this show is a “cute.” And no one likes to be called cute, but most episodes leave me with a sort of “meh” feeling and little desire to follow up the next week. I’m not invested in the characters really, but I don’t mind tuning in occasionally to pass the time. I’m no longer reviewing though I might do a little at the start of a second season. Grimm keeps adding on to its first season January 13th on NBC.


This was a mini series that aired around early December on Syfy, so it’s beyond following up with. But should you get a chance in 2012 to watch it again on Syfy or buy it on DVD, it would be time and money well spent. A great fun time Peter Pan adventure to add to the mythology.

Bag of Bones

Another mini series but this one was my big miss of 2011. If you have blood on your shirt from murdering someone then it should still be there when you’re burying them. The only real joys I got from this were a) the press pack (an amazing record player-looking case) and b) when Joel McHale (The Soup) made fun of the obscenely paused voicemail that was perfectly timed for response (cause that happens in real life (no it doesn’t)).

What’s up next, I didn’t review but watched on my free time.

Pan Am

I had planned to watch this to review, and then wound up just watching for fun. This feeds my desire to go back in time an be a Pan Am stewardess and travel the world. It’s sort of a guilty pleasure and I love watching. Pan Am continues its current season January 8th on ABC.


I’ve been along for the ride since Fringe started and it’s no longer a jump-right-in kind of show. We’re dealing with collided parallel-allel-allel worlds and I like it but I can sort of see how it might be losing the attention of some. Put me down for January 13th 2012 on FOX!

Once Upon a Time

All I can say is that I’m trying. I’m watching and I’m trying. I don’t like it. Not even a little bit. Well, with the small exception of the drool-covered Charming episode. I don’t see the magic, but I want to. But mostly I can’t get past being hit over the head with things like Apollo bars that would have been more fun if they were better hidden. I like to be given a little credit as a viewer. BUT I am trying. Once Upon a Time continues its current season on ABC January 8th.


While my jaw was on the ground weekly for American Horror Story, Homeland was behind me with a sneak attack frying-pan-to-the-head. This season was amazing. I can’t wait for next season. Wow. If you haven’t watched then go do so. Now. Abandon the Internet. GO. Then come back. Homeland returns to Showtime in Fall 2012.

Doctor Who

I’ll be watching this show as long as I live because I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember. This wasn’t my favorite season, but it was fun nonetheless. The Silents are also a pretty creepy villain. Can’t wait to see what next season brings us. Even if we do have to wait FOREVER.

Absolutely Fabulous

These ladies still have it. Funniest show on tv. Even though it’s not on in America. I can’t get enough. Watch it on BBCOne’s website while you still can.

Being Human

This is my big surprise gem of a find for 2011 and boy did I find it right here at the tail end. It was suggested by Tom that I watch season one of the American version to be ready to review season two. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I started and finished season one in 3 days. I would have finished it sooner if it weren’t for all the MEDDLING KIDS and my JOB and pestering SLEEP. My next post will be reviewing the season one DVD set and I plan on reusing that joke, so laugh like it’s brand new, kthxbye. But really though, it’s been a major treat. So much so that I’ve been fully enjoying the three seasons of the UK version in my time off. What I love, besides the story telling and the humor is that the American stories are similar, but not the same. Being Human US (season two) airs on Syfy on January 16th 2012 and Being Human UK (season four) airs on BBC America in Spring 2012.

The new shows I’m looking forward to in 2012 are Alcatraz, Sherlock, Smash and Touch. I didn’t watch Revenge this year and I’m hearing great things about Leverage (season 4) and Shameless (season 2) so I might check those out, but I’m committed to catching up on Mad Men and Breaking Bad in my down time to prepare for their next season premieres.


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