Review: American Horror Story “Afterbirth”

And oh what a finale it was.

Last episode I was left speechless. I couldn’t think of what could possibly happen next. We were bound to see what became of the babies and how Ben handled it. That was all I could really pin down.

I was sort of spoiled on Ben’s death which was a personal bummer. I’m glad it was teased a bit, I’m glad Hayden got to have the last laugh in regards to it and I’m glad it was done within the first few minutes. So I wasn’t bummed for long.

Now when Hayden got her faced smashed with the shovel in Murder House it wasn’t a LOL moment, but there was sort of an internal giggle. That’s as best I can describe it. This episode had a lot of those moments for me. A few of those moments came through in actual pshaws mixed with scoffs.

After the new family moves in next door (to which my instant reaction was OH MAN HERE WE GO) the (good?) ghosts, Ben, Vivian and Moira decide over the (canoodling! nay, BABY MAKING! GET A ROOM! Oh wait.) homeowners that an end must be put to the atrocities.

So the good ghosts decide to play a little pranking reminiscent ofBeetlejuice. Each of them doing their best to frighten out the new homeowners. And SUCCESS. After what I can only describe as a beautifully choreographed ghost scare-off the couple and their son run for the hills.

The (good) ghosts (figuratively) high-five and celebrate their victory around their Christmas tree (that they chopped down on the property and decorated with household finds).

Meanwhile Constance has successfully stolen the one live child of Vivien’s, Michael. She has raised him as her own for (as of the end of the episode) 3 years, which seems to be marker of the unique milestone of murdering the nanny. Oh, Constance, did you really think that mothering the spawn of your insane son would make the baby easier to not screw up?

Admittedly this was not one of my favorite episodes in its entirety, BUT this episode contained some of my favorite moments of the season.

I love how Violet is punishing Tate. I love the attempt at making him jealous followed by the “good-bye.”

I love how Vivien was reunited with the stillborn baby, and she so sweetly takes over from the frayed Nora Montgomery who couldn’t properly soothe the baby.

I love the friendship that has been solidified between Vivien and Moira, and I thought the godparent gesture was sweet.

I love how Tate continues to attempt to do right but attempts it with all the insanity and horror that inevitably makes it all wrong. I love that he continues to seek out Ben Harmon to talk to.

I love Ben’s new no-nonsense attitude towards everyone. He’s a better man, therapist, and father now that he’s dead than he ever was when he was alive.

So see? Even my least favorite episode of the season is still better than most everything else I’m watching on television. No air date yet for the season two premiere, so don’t do yourself in holding your breath. In the meantime lets all go haunt the voters of the Emmy awards to GIVE JESSICA LANGE THE EMMY!

Stay tuned to SimplyTV and we’ll keep you updated!


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