Interviews with Connie Britton and Ryan Murphy about American Horror Story

After the penultimate episode of American Horror Story, “Birth,” aired on FX, several interviews surfaced with the people on the set about their thoughts on the show and what they thought of the final episodes of the season.

In this interview Connie Britton talks about filming the birth scene, life after death, her reunion with Violet and the new baby in her off-screen life.

Here’s a snippet:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You gave birth and you died! Did you know Vivien was gonna die? How far in advance did Ryan tell you?
CONNIE BRITTON: Totally. He told me the first conversation we ever had about it. Oh yeah, I always knew I was gonna die.

Follow the link to continue reading the rest of the interview withConnie Britton and Entertainment Weekly.

In another interview with TVLine, Britton talks about being coached by Jessica Lange, ghost couture, what’s next for Britton, whether it be with American Horror Story or not. She also had this to say about her on-screen baby:

TVLINE | What did you give birth to? We didn’t see its face. Tell me!

BRITTON | No. Hell no. [Laughs] I’m not ruining it for people. I’m not telling you what I gave birth to. If they didn’t show you in the episode, I’m definitely not telling you. It will all be revealed [in this week’s finale].

Do I need any more reasons to watch the finale on Wednesday night? No. Do you? You do? Just one more? Fine.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator and writer, Ryan Murphy had this to say about the finale:

You do see that baby quite heavily [in the finale]. I think the finale has, to me, the most shocking scene we’ve ever done. Every time I edit it, I literally have to cover my eyes. The finale really does have a couple shockers in it that I think people will love.


The finale of American Horror Story, “After Birth,” airs on FX, Wednesday at 10 e/p.


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