Review: American Horror Story “Birth”

Not. What. I. Was. Expecting.

But I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting now that I think about it. When I sat down to watch it I had seen the preview that implied that it was, as Constance put it, “time.” And I wondered about that. Seems like a record fast gestation. But this is TV. 6 months have passed in American Horror Story TV land. But according to the staff doctor in the psych ward, Vivien’s twins (well, one specifically) are ready for birth.
I don’t think that even with all these clues and hints and BIRTH being shouted at me from every outlet I was actually thinking we would get there in this episode. But we did. Before we get there in this post though we continue to have the showdown between the ghosts of the house on who gets the babies.
I’m not sure where we were going with the whole “kroatoan” tangent, but I did love Quinto’s (Chad) acting as if the word had meant the (second) death of him. And it was sad to see him giving up on his relationship, again. But they were the focus, the ones who seemed most threatening to the new babies. That nursery that they put together. Love it. It was the women of the house (including Constance) that seem to be the most steadfast in their acquisition of the new babes.
So, birth.
Most of the whole house of ghosts reunites to welcome the new babies to the house with Dr. Montgomery and the nurses helping Vivien through the process. But she doesn’t make it. I really wasn’t expecting that. Like I get that main characters are fair game, but I’m sort of baffled at what season two will have to offer. Ben is the last of the Harmons. I’m speechless. Stunned. What does that mean? Will he stay?
I can’t wait to see Vivien confront Tate.
Speaking of Tate. Is there any hope of his redemption? Am I naive to think it’s possible? Or am I meant to? I can’t help but sort of want him to find peace. And the end when Violet told him to go away was sad for me. And when Viv showed up and hugged her daughter? *sniff*
I can’t sign off without mentioning Thaddeus. I wasn’t exactly expecting Thaddeus (Nora’s toddler) to be sort of an old man clown doll looking creature. This was probably the creature that Tate insisted scare Leah back when Violet was trying to get revenge on her old school rival earlier in the season.
I have zero expectations for After Birth airing next week. Surely Ben will be going into some kind of tail spin. We’ll need to follow up with Nora who walked off with the “stillborn” baby and the other baby had been cornered by Constance, Moira and Hayden last we saw.
I will be putting my kids to bed early next Wednesday so as to not miss a single second of American Horror Story‘s After Birth 10PM e/p.

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