Review: American Horror Story “Smoldering Children”

Couple of crazy reveals in this episode, huh?

If you were suspicious about Violet never leaving the house then you were rewarded in this episode with her rotting corpse in the crawl space. American Horror Story prizes smell bad. And if you thought Larry burned himself up trying to save his family from the burning rooms when his wife torched his children (like I did) then we got a big fat WROOONG in this episode. We win some, we lose some.

This was the first episode where I felt like the preview had revealed too much, and had maybe spoiled the episode for me. So I stayed away from a lot of the previews that were aired for this episode and was glad that the episode was still creepy and gross and relatively surprising. And even though I felt like the Violet bit wasn’t all that surprising, corpse flies are gross. FACT.

Jessica Lange stole every scene she was in as we follow the investigation into her boy toy, (The Boy Dahlia) Travis’s, murder. She is a suspect and all of the missing persons and deaths are paraded around her by the police before Larry swoops in and confesses, either out of an undying love for her, or possibly a revenge that has yet to play itself out. Who knows, but I doubt it will be the last time we see him.

I still struggle with Tate. Do I think he is the adorable little boyfriend of Violet who is just trying to do his best to make her happy and feel safe? Or do I think that he’s the crazy-balls psychotic killer and rapist that he, uh, is? Ick. I love to hate him. I hate to love him. Conundrum.

Favorite part of the episode was Violet trying to escape the house and then somehow managing to run in circles. I also loved that Larry’s burns were because Tate lit him on fire before he shot up the school and not because of the house fire. And hugely glad to see the two burned girls playing tea party with Travis.

Since I’m previewing the episode I haven’t seen the previews for next week, but at some point soon we will have a collision of Tate’s good side and bad side now that Violet knows she’s dead and Ben knows he raped Vivian. Awkward. And speaking of Vivian, we haven’t had  a Viv-centric episode in a couple of weeks, so we should be due soon, right?

Love this show. I watched something recently that was meant to be scary and I came to the hard conclusion that American Horror Story had spoiled me, turned me into a horror snob even. I can’t wait for my next American Horror Story fix Wednesdays on FX.


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