Review: Neverland Part Two

The darkness that is harbored in Hook is released now that Peter and the gang have left his responsibility. His main objective now is to get the mineral dust and to take it back to London to make his fortune. He even stands up to Bonny who goes along with him, powerlessly in love. They take Aaya in an  attempt ransom her back to the Indians in trade for the knowledge on how to get to the tree spirit forest.

Meanwhile Tinker Bell and the Tree Spirits take Peter back to their dust pool to heal him. His wound where Bonny ran him through with the sword is now starting to slowly heal and his skin and hair are seeped with the tree spirit dust. After Tinker Bell shows him how he can communicate with them telepathically now she gives him a short flying lesson. He takes that knowledge and raids the pirate ship in search of Aaya and the second orb. But he’s too late; they’ve already left.

He catches them just as they attempt a short cut along a giant man-eating spider web. He shows off his flying techniques and saves Aaya, but is encased by the spider and captured by Bonny after she kills the spider. Peter, who is weakened by his recent escapade, is easily fooled by Hook, who takes him to find the secret passage to the tree spirits. Hook regains Peter’s trust with lies of his leaving Bonny, promises of getting the gang and the orb, and stories of Peter’s past, especially stories about Peter’s mother with whom Hook had been in love, and Peter’s father.

At the opening to the passage Hook betrays Peter, and Bonny and her crew show up to go into the tree spirit forest. Their warning fire engulfs the colony and many of the spirits die in the fire. Hook promises Peter that he will take the pirates and return to London and Peter takes him on his word and shows him the place where the mineral dust pool is. He explains the process by which he went into the pool and Bonny jumps in. She swims to the other side, emerges victoriously hovering over the pool and then she sort of burns up. Peter attributes the difference to the singing tree spirits. Hook rages on Peter and confesses that he killed Peter’s father in a duel.

The Indians come to defend the tree spirits and there are lives lost between the pirates and the Indians. And while the Indians are taking care of their wounded, the tree spirit elders wipe Peter’s memory of his past and leave him with nothing but his childlike innocence. Tinker Bell defends him and she is banished from the tree spirits colony. She brings Aaya to him. Though Aaya tries to help him, the Indians shun Peter.

The pirate Starkey attempts to take lead of the pirate crew and challenges Hook. But Hook is ready for them and he promises them more modern fire power and more men, if he could get to the orb and get back to London to recruit them, and he promises to take Starkey with him.

Peter’s gang of boys under the lead of Curly decide to rescue Peter from the the Indian’s lockup. Peter regains his memory of them after Curly plays a tune on his flute. Peter decides to go after the orb. He tries to warn the Indians but their trust is weak. Curly and Aaya eventually rally the Indians to go and attack the pirate ship while Peter and Tinker Bell go after Hook, Starkey and a small crew of the pirates.

Peter decides to take on Hook and to not let the pirates get back to London. Aaya and the London gang catch up to the caves and take on the pirates there. Hook injures Tinker Bell and tries for a final time to get Peter back on his side. Peter and Hook duel while the Indians fight the pirates. And in the midst of the battle Peter cuts off Hook’s hand and it falls in the water to be eaten by one of the giant eight-legged crocodiles. Peter demands his father’s pocket watch to be returned with the picture of his mother, but Hook throws it at his head and it lands in the water and is also consumed by the croc. With all of the excitement and gun fire, the cave has been weakened and even though Peter has obtained the orb, the cave collapses with him and Tinker Bell inside.

Well not really. The orb transported Peter and Tink back to London. And he returns with some new toys for his friends. He returns mostly, that is; minus his shadow.

I think this series is a great addition to the Peter Pan mythology. I loved the scenery, real and imagined. And one of my favorite parts that I didn’t really touch on in the recap was the remaking of the crocodiles into these dinosaur-like mutated giant versions of what earth has to offer. Also I thought the cast involved was perfect except for one character who didn’t live up to my own personal expectations. I really would have been happy with even one more episode in the middle. Something to show a little more of the Island and to even get Peter explained into his uniform. But like I said, I’m thrilled with the mini series and can’t wait for it to be released on DVD so that I can add it to my collection.


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