Review: Neverland Part One

Rhys Ifans as James Hook
Anna Friel as Captain Elizabeth Bonny
Charles Dance as Dr. Richard Flood
Q’orianka Kilcher as Aaya
Charlie Rowe as Peter Pan
Bob Hoskins as Smee
Keira Knightly as The Voice of Tinker Bell

The story of Peter Pan before he came to Neverland echoes in similarities to Oliver Twist. James Hook is a Fagan figure to him. Peter leads a gang of pickpockets in 1906 London. He’s perched high above them in the rooftops signaling to them with his flute. Hook maintains a fencing school while the gang is out in the street collecting pocketbooks and watches.

A big heist reveals itself and Hook cannot resist, though he thinks it’s too dangerous for the young gang. Hook has discouraged Peter to engage, but Peter convinces the gang to go anyway ahead of schedule to impress Hook. You can see that he is driven hardest by his desire to make his father figure proud.

In the shop we discover that it is the orb they are after. The orb, it seems, has a history starting with Tinker Bell and a mysterious hooded figure on a mountain waiting for a cosmic collision. Then the orb was discovered by Captain Bonny and her crew just before they shot it and they all suddenly evaporated. Evaporating things around it on impact occurs again as Hook falls while holding it in the shop.

Peter first tries to gain an understanding of the orb, but then finds it better to just follow his friends by impacting it. He finds himself in Neverland just behind the capture of his friends and Hook by Captain Bonny and her crew. Hook shows off his fencing skills and proves that he could be an asset to the crew. Bonny reveals to him that there is great treasure in the fairy’s dust if they could only harness its ability to make them fly without disintegrating.

Peter and one of of his hiding friends meet up with the Indians and are taken back by blindfold to their camp. Peter’s main goal is to get back to the pirate’s ship to rescue Hook and the rest of his friends. Peter finds that Hook is now romantically involved with Captain Bonny and in Peter and the gangs escape, one of them dies, creating a small crack in Peter’s trust in Hook.

After the boys escape they decide to seek the hooded man that Peter and the chief have been sharing dreams about, dreams that include the bull mountain. They think that the hooded man could help them to get back and to take Hook with them.

Bonny and Hook decide to work together to find and manage the dust, but Bonny makes it perfectly clear that she’s the Captain of the ship and she’s in charge. Then the two of them decide to watch the Indians for clues of better access to the protected area where the dust is mined in the tree spirit colony.

Aaya and Peter go in search of the Hooded Man and meet with Tinker Bell who leads them to a city created entirely of vines. Little do they know they are being tracked by Hook and Bonny.

In the city they meet the Hooded Man, who created the orb. Dr. Richard Flood was trying to get the orb from Peter in London. Not only did he create the orb, but he created two so that he could travel back and forth between Neverland and Earth.

Bonny, Hook and the crew catch up with Flood in the vine city and when they decide to open fire on holograms of Dr. Flood they ignite the city. In the final moments of the episode, Bonny shoots Flood. Hook tries to appeal to Peter about his importance to him, but Peter gets free. Aaya comes forward to help Peter but Captain Bonny stabs him and takes Aaya prisoner.

What I love about this so far is the acting by Ifans and Friel. I think it’s easy to tell that the two of them are really having fun. Also I love anything with Charles Dance. I’m a huge fan. I think the story is brilliant and I think the actors react really well with the green screen. The artists who are painting the scenescapes of Neverland are also doing an amazing job. The music, acting and beautiful scenery have been such a treat through this first episode and we are left with quite the cliff hanger. Several questions and answers will have to wait until Monday evening on Syfy.


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