Review: American Horror Story “Spooky Little Girl”

This episode is probably going to get a little redundant with all of the I LOVE’s I’m going to be throwing around.

Onward to the love, and I’m overflowing with it.
First of all I LOVE the introduction of the Black Dahlia. What I really love about this is that it gives us a little fictional insight into a very real mysterious death. Not only that, but it shows that not all house deaths will be either secretly buried on the property or featured on the murder tour. Delicious.
I love the Black Dahlia or Elizabeth Short (Mena Suvari, American Beauty) and how she seemed to be another unknowing ghost until she was schooled by Hayden of the details of her death. The interaction between the two of them and Moira was great. And the facial expressions that young Moira throws out are completely different from her apathetic-sex-kitten standard. It’s like she has some kind of plan. And the twist at the end when Ben sees her as she is? LOVED IT.
Meanwhile, Constance has discovered that the father of one of Vivian’s babies is Tate and her dog-walker-boy-toy is getting restless. When he’s in conflict with her he winds up having sex with Hayden who eventually stabs him to death. Good thing Doctor Montgomery is still around to recreate his Black Dahlia disfigurement. And good thing that Larry still owes Hayden a favor for murdering her and takes the pieces of the body off the premises. LOVE IT.
But what I love most of all, is that this show isn’t scared (which is important for a show about horror) to take risks. And the final moments of realization about the potential DEMON child to be born and the illustrations with the pope and the box, LOVE IT and RISKY. It is so hard to pull off risk in a show without seeming cheesy. This show has done it. Haunting music, (what should be) award winning acting performances and amazing directing is selling the craziness of this show without me even blinking. Everyone really pulled their best performances (especially Jessica Lange, WOW) in this episode. I will be disappointed in the MOST EPIC way if this show doesn’t get the award nods it deserves.

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