Review: American Horror Story “Rubber Man”

Alternate title could have been ‘Information Overload’. Or maybe that’s just me, but I knew 3 minutes into the episode that I would need to watch it again.

Truly the best way to answer questions is give answers in the same breath as more questions. And this was what this Rubber Man episode was all about.

This episode really plays with our need to love-to-hate or hate-to-love some of our dead ghost characters. I’ve really found myself feeling sorry for poor Tate. This episode is here to remind me that even in the afterlife he’s making hell on earth.

We learn that the actual purchase of the rubber suit and its first wearer was in fact our gay ghost, Chad. He buys it in order to appeal to his partner Patrick’s secret online life. It’s a failed attempt and the costume is shelved (as far as we know as this point) until Halloween when the costume comes to life and brutally murders the two men.

It’s this mysterious person that inhabits the costume that has been haunting everyone in the house in the present. Turns out this mystery person is Tate and his motivation is to find a baby for the ghost of the original home owner, Nora Montgomery. He kills the gay couple because all they did was fight and this fighting had changed their minds about having a baby. We also learn that, yes, he is the father of Vivian’s twins. This sort of begs the question that echoed in my brain the whole episode. CAN GHOSTS IMPREGNATE PEOPLE? Or maybe he’s a demon? Why do I find that answer acceptable?

THANK YOU HAYDEN for the plethora of answers. She’s not acting like all the other dead housemates. As the new girl she’s making the rounds getting to know everyone in the house. You could say she’s’ not here to make friends, but she’s definitely working their emotions to get what she wants and in this case, she’d be happy with just one of Vivian’s twins. She’s willing to share the other with Nora. She’s a giver like that.

Hayden’s trying to figure out the rules just like we are. It was touching how Hayden played with Bo, and then psychotic again with the stabbing of Constance’s husband. She mentions that sex seems to be a higher priority now that she’s dead. Weird. She also seems aware of the “power” of the house. She’s in complete control of when she appears and when she moves things without appearing. While she explains these type things to Nora, you can see that there are two kinds of ghosts. The ghosts who are locked into whatever or wherever they were when they died (like Constance’s husband, Nora, Charles, the nurses, the twin boys, etc) and they ones who are aware that they can act out in the house (like Tate, Moira and Hayden maybe Chad and Patrick).

MEANWHILE IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING. The question still looms as to Violet’s mortality. She reportedly hasn’t left the house for school in two weeks. And after Vivian is mentally broken by Hayden’s tricks she attempts to leave the house with Violet, but is stopped by the dead murder reenactment couple. Violet betrays Vivian to Ben and lies saying that the dead murder reenactment couple wasn’t there in the car and that she was just scared because of her mother’s freak out.

Vivian is peaceful at the end of the episode as she’s being carted off to a psych ward of a hospital for evaluation. First they start light with just some shadow haunting, but this is enough for her to accidentally shoot Ben with a gun she stole from Marcy, the realtor. Then later, drugged on Valium Hayden and Tate kick it into overdrive and Vivian fully loses it and is carted off by the police.

Methinks Hayden jumped the gun on this as she needs the babies to be born to steal them. Vivian is no good to her outside of the house before the babies are born. Patience, Hayden, patience.

I thought this was a great episode and knew three minutes in that I would have to watch it again. What a crazy trip this show is. American Horror Story airs on FX Wednesdays at 10:00PM.


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