Review: American Horror Story “Open House”

Hey remember that time the show was NSFW? Oh right, it’s ALWAYS been that way. Well this episode would be more than the others. That’s ‘Not Safe For Work’ (or Kids or Puppies or Mothers-in-law).

So, just as Vivian and Ben discover they’re having twins (sans hooves according to the doctor), they schedule an Open House in an attempt to attract a buyer. In fact, they attract two. One we know, the previous home owner, Larry the burned man. The other is an Armenian they all keep calling The Persian, who is smitten with Moira (surprise, surprise) only to be, uh (forgive me) bitten. *shivers* Moira does this as part of a team effort with Constance and Larry in order to keep The Persian from buying up the property, demolishing the house and putting in unit housing.
Meanwhile Violet is struggling with the terrifying realization that she’s now ‘evolved’ (as stated by Tate) and seeing more and more of the dead ghosts of the house and the fact that she’s starting to feel that she might be in love with Tate who she knows is dead. She lashes out at her parents for wanting to uproot her life again. And it should be noted that she is so depressed she’s not getting out of the house or eating.
We also managed quite a bit of backstory and mythology this episode. The end of Charles and Nora Montgomery is played out without us actually seeing the Frankenstein’d monster baby (THANK GOD). But you know what? Knowing what I wasn’t seeing was terrifying in its own right. So special note to the powers that be at American Horror Story: There is NO NEED to ever SHOW me. I’m good. My imagination is filling in those blanks nicely. Consider that little bit of story checked off. KTHXBYE.

We are also introduced to yet another of Constance’s children. She had another child, Bo, who resided in the attic chained to a bed. He was disfigured and unable to communicate. She convinced Larry to suffocate him back when Larry owned the house. I’m not certain why Bo would live there when Larry was the home owner, but we find out that when Larry tells his wife to move out it was because he was in love with Constance. It was Larry’s wife who burned down the house, killing herself and their two daughters.

In the final moments of the show we see Vivian make the connection between the woman who had disappeared from her kitchen after seemingly wanting to see the house, and the original homeowners’ pictures that Violet discovered in the attic.

I am looking forward to the next episode, like I’ve looked forward to every episode this show has had. I’m already planning on buying season one for a Halloween marathon next year. But until then American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX.


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