Review: American Horror Story “Piggy Piggy”

Please bear with me. The first bit may seem a little left field, but I do get back on track eventually.

I have always disliked it when things are compared to my all-time-favorite show LOST. I really can’t stand it. Nothing will ever be like LOST was. Until I changed my tune. I did so because I found myself locked in an extensive conversation in Twitter Direct Messages. @Loster21 and I were heavy in discussion over American Horror Story and its mysteries. Then this happened.



And every doorbell is like the opening eye. And when people die they aren’t really gone from the show. And the house seems to play a role much in the same way that the island did. And come on, the rubber man is totally our season one polar bear. DUDE.


Now, we didn’t have any rubber man this episode, but before we go straight into what happened this episode, let me say a little something. I made an assumption in the episode Murder House. I assumed that the grave where Hayden now resides under the gazebo is also inhabited by Moira. I based this assumption on the conversation between Moira and Constance by the window. There are a lot of thoughts that this was the grave of the Montgomery’s child. There was a bit of lace that I assumed was off of Moira’s uniform, though in the same episode we were brought to the attention of the lace on the baby at the dinner table.



In this episode we get the end story of Tate. Whether he wanted to believe it or not on Halloween, the dead high school gang really was out to get him. He did in fact terrorize their school and brutally murder several of them. He seems unaware of this in his current state.


We also meet Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson, American Gothic) who is a medium. She is a friend of Constance, and a few times during the show she demonstrates her ability to allow the dead to send messages through her. Violet is completely unable to handle the news that her boyfriend is a ghost. Turns out we were right to question Tate’s involvement in a 1994 murder spree, except that he’s stopped aging since he was shot up by a SWAT team.


Vivian continues to stand her ground in keeping Ben out of the house, though he is allowed by her to continue see his patients in the home office. She starts to actively ramp up the flirting with the security guard when she’s not having nightmares about her pregnancy.


This episode went very Rosemary’s Baby for me. It is one of my all time favorite movies. From the diet recommendations from the crazy neighbor and the raw meat preparation, right down to the declarations by the sonogram tech. Hooves? Pshaw, you can just cover those up with booties.


Now my personal opinion on Ben’s patient, Derek (Erick Stonestreet, Modern Family) is that your fears are just as dangerous as your belief in them. Sort of a theme for the show. He put so much faith in his fears, that even though he wasn’t slain by the physical incarnation of the Pig Man of urban legend, he was slain by an armed robber, just at the moment that he should have been killed for saying the “here piggy, pig, pig” mantra. There are theories that there is something more related to the house in this, but for me this death was more self-contained. Ben even says – the more you fear something the more power you give it. Also, note to self, open the shower curtain before you call forth any bathroom conjurings.


We’ll also be watching Violet’s actions a little more closely after this episode. She saw the whole gang of dead house guests minus a few including the gay couple when she was in the basement looking for Tate. She took a bunch of sleeping pills that she got from her friend at the skatepark. It seems like Tate saved her – or did he? He did force her to throw up, but there is the possibility that she’s dead. We won’t know until we see her leave the house for sure. I’m putting my bets on the fact that I think she’s being set up to be a medium and convince Tate to go to the light. I’m not real keen on this idea, so I’ll be happy if it doesn’t work out that way.


If any of you are on the Twitter, seek me out for any additional theorizing (@jessorso). I’d love to hear your thoughts. I got into another interesting convo with @lostqu4d today about the episode Murder House. He totally caught a backwards message at the end of the episode (just as the song ends) which we tracked down to @Gudlyf’s post and translated to “I saw you leave” from the songs lyrics. A little anti-climactic, but a fun 5 minute adventure nonetheless.


Holding my breath in the most dramatic fashion until next Wednesday for another episode of American Horror Story on FX.


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