Review: Chuck S5 E2 “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit”

To say that Morgan is handling things a little differently than Chuck did upon being blessed with the Intersect would be a gross understatement.



Before we begin, the LOST fangirl in me has to shout LAPIDUS!!!!!! Who I almost mistook for Magnum PI. Nice disguise!! Fancy a flight to Guam later?


But you’re here for CHUCK!


Karl Sneijder (Jeff Fahey, LAPIDUS, ok, I’ll stop now) is retaining the services of Carmichael Industries to get his brother, Wesley. But really his brother is hiding from Karl because he is a protected witness against him. And all the while Sarah is being shopped by a competing company, Verbanski Corp led by Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Ann Moss, The Matrix) who had a romantic background with Casey.


With this new mission, Morgan is not doing well with the wait-in-the-van role. He is overcome with the desire to kick butt. He struggles with his impulses and doesn’t think anything through. He’s not happy with being constantly reprimanded and “handled.” He’s dubbed himself the Bearded Bandit.


The whole job winds up being a complete mess, and at the end Sarah feels like she needs to call in Verbanski Corp to come and save them all. Making the money they made from Sneijder completely washed in what they will owe Verbanski to bail them out. As seen in the last episode, Morgan, Casey, Sarah and Chuck all work best as a team.


In the final moments of the show we see one more twist. It seems Morgan has completely lost patience with the Carmichael Industries team. He heads to Verbanski Corp to fill their job opening. Problem is that his selling point to Gertrude Verbanski is his embodiment of the Intersect. We’re probably going to see some repercussions due to his indiscretion.


Even more disturbing than his turn away from Chuck and the team is his memory loss when it comes to classic action films. This is a core part of who Morgan is. Why can he not remember anything about Indiana Jones and Star Wars? Interesting…


I love the guest stars this season, obviously, and I like the way the season is heading.


Chuck airs Fridays on NBC at 8/7 Central.


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