Review: American Horror Story “Halloween Part 2”

And now for the chilling conclusion…





The house is divided into two hauntings. First Violet and Tate are followed by a group of mangled teenagers back to Violet’s house after a Halloween beach date. As Tate leads the angry group away Constance relives a touching final moment with Adelaide and tells Violet that Tate is really her son. She insists that Tate can’t yet know of his sister’s passing.


Back at the beach Tate seems to genuinely not know the ghost high school kids, who claim he is the one who ended their lives. During their accusations, Tate flashes to an image of himself in school wearing skull like face paint and even at one point wielding a gun of some sort. Maybe the incident is suppressed? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. I will say this. If they were supposed to be 34 presently, then they would have been graduating high school in 1995 or 1996. I’m not sure how old Tate is supposed to be, but I had assumed he was in high school. So I’m curious to see how this lines up.


Meanwhile, back in the murder house, Vivian and Ben are being terrorized by Hayden who made me jump several times, including the explosion in the microwave. Exploding tomatoes is not a funny joke, Hayden. Has anyone told you your psycho is showing? Just there. No there. Never mind. Hayden was sort of carted off by the security guard, but she disappeared once they reached the police station.


I will be honest. I was genuinely on the edge of my seat for the confrontations of the high school kids with Violet and Tate, and the confrontations with Hayden and Vivian. I caught myself several times holding my breath. This, though, was my least favorite episode so far. I like that Larry the burned man seems to be added to our list of people we can look to for answers to how hauntings work in the show and I loved the morning scene when the ghosts were being drawn back to the house.


However, I do not ever love recycled footage, especially when it comes in the second half of two part episode. I feel like I’m not given credit to remember what happened the week before. I remembered that we were missing Violet, and I didn’t need the exact footage from last week to remind me. When I tuned in Wednesday I actually thought I was seeing a rerun of the week before and started the episode hugely disappointed. I also thought the beach scene (before the arrival of the high school kids) seemed like it really slowed the show down a lot. But hey, I loved the whole second half!


I am looking forward to next week’s episode. Though I’m glad I’m not watching it pregnant. American Horror Story airs on FX on Wednesday nights at 10PM.


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