Review: Grimm Pilot

“The wolf thought to himself, what a tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful…” The Brothers Grimm 1812

Starting the show on that note, I think we can pretty much infer that the crime will center around a Red Riding Hood and it will be pretty gruesome. Oh girl in the red hoodie, what were you thinking? Red hood and forest running could never be a good combo.

First of all, I haven’t seen this much ad placement since Fringe, so let’s get THAT out of the way. Buy Apple products and wear Nikes. Oh and don’t wear red hoodies.

While the murders are interesting they are secondary to a bigger plot, a plot that requires a closet of various medieval weapons inside a trailer of Nick’s librarian (and night ninja) Aunt Marie, a mysterious key, and various notebooks with scary illustrations. She’s obviously sick with some kind of cancer, but she can still hold her own while being jumped on a dark street. And then when she’s in a coma she is still considered dangerous enough for a sneak killer-injection attack in the hospital. Wow dude, you’ve got some family drama to catch up on.

But even more interesting to me than Aunt Marie and her trailer of tales is Monroe. Oh man, the visual of a reformed, church going, Big Bad Wolf concentrating on his diet and doing pilates to control his murderous tendencies is just so full of win. He seems to be listed with all the other principal characters, so I hope this means he’ll be around for many episodes to come. Monroe’s head out the window of the car to follow the scent. GENIUS. I can’t wait for more.

My honest truth is that I could not love this show without the Monroe character. I’m not really invested in anyone, nor do I feel that the acting or the dialogue is all that impressive so far. I hope that the fairy tale comments sort of dissipate after we get through a couple of episodes.

I can’t go without giving kudos to the serial killing, pot-pie eating, needlepointing Big Bad Wolf done ever so creepily by Tim Bagley. Well played.

Grimm airs on NBC Fridays at 9/8c


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