Review: American Horror Story “Halloween Part 1”

A scary TV show ripe for Halloween is my perfection. I was able to experience this episode live (IN THE DARK) from the safety of my warm bed, and I experienced something I hadn’t in a while. Without the safety of a DVR or a DVD I could pause, I was actually scared to leave the aforementioned bed. Not only because bed = safety (duh) but because I didn’t want to miss a single second.




If you follow the news for American Horror Story then you might have already known that Zachary Quinto was set to make an appearance. He is so stellar as the Martha Stewart half of the gay former home owners. The duo (though dead, but more on that later) are back in the house helping the Harmons get their house ready for Halloween and any potential buyers that might happen by that evening.


Meanwhile Constance continues to perfect her Mommy Dearest impersonation, spouting all the nasty devilish things you couldn’t imagine any mother saying to their children. ALMOST makes me want to sit my kids down and say “See, THIS is what a mean mommy is. Not me! I just grounded you from candy because you threw a fit in the grocery store. It could be way worse!” But I don’t want to actually scar my children, so I resist the temptation. *pats self on back*


Though thoroughly scary, entertaining and a pleasure to watch, this was the episode that has finally caused me to overflow with questions. See, most horror movies have a scene where they sort of explain the rules to you. With this TV show we seem to be slowly fed the rules of how the horror of the house works. The people with the best insight to these rules seem to be Constance, her daughter, Adelaide, and of course, the dead. So here’s what I’m questioning so far:


* In the last episode Constance indicated to Moira that she’d never be able to move on now that her garden grave was being built upon. What does this mean? I thought that she was tied to haunt the house because of the house itself, but there seems to be some hope that if her body was discovered outside this might mean she could move on.


* And while we’re on Moira, we know that she’s dead, but can only the people in the house see her? The Harmons can obviously though her appearance seems to have something to do with whether you’re a lustful man or not. She cleans the house, so she’s effectively acting in the living world, but to what extent? Could she murder someone in the home? What would happen to her if she was fired? She seems to only be able to leave the house on Halloween, and we see that she can on Halloween end a life. This trip of Moira’s to her mother’s deathbed is put into a concrete rule by Constance and Adelaide, who says, “The dead can walk freely on Halloween.” To which Constance replies, “Well we’ve always known that.”


* WHO IS THE RUBBERMAN? I had thought he was more of a devilish apparition reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby, but in this episode we see that there may actually be an evil person under there, and it’s evil murderous person who is strong enough to toss Chad Warwick (Quinto) across the dining room. It should also be noted that Violet’s psycho boyfriend has access to a rubber man suit or the rubber man suit. We have yet to determine that.


* I’m glad to see that we won’t be without Hayden’s psychotic love now that she’s buried in the yard, but again what are the rules? She can be present and apparently make calls from her phone. I’m curious to see Ben’s more detailed response to her appearance as their encounter will be the first knowing encounter between living and the dead.




As I see I have blabbed on and on about this episode, I want to take time to note one other thing. Adelaide’s hit and run was super sad, but I’m not ruling out Mommy Dearest’s involvement. And if you didn’t get the gist from all my blabbing, I loved the episode. The acting in this show is PHENOMENAL. Watching Dylan McDermott’s eye movements while he was being grilled about text messages was just amazing, and that’s just him. I could gush about each of the characters for pages and pages.


If you can’t wait for Part Two of this Halloween episode you can watch the American Horror Story Marathon on Halloween Night on FX starting at 10PM. It’ll get us all nice and scared for the conclusion to Halloween airing at its regular time on FX at 10PM on Wednesday.


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