Review: Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 2 “Uprising”

Meanwhile back at the refugee camp…

Emotions are running high from the Abnormals that have surfaced from Hollow Earth after the destruction of Praxis. The uprising is in full swing and both sides are claiming casualties including the rebel leader. Like the episode preceding it Will sees that there must be more than meets the eye. Not only was the mass exodus from Hollow Earth a cover for Worth to go back in time to save his daughter, this uprising is hiding the the behind-the-scenes new age plans of Fallon who is looking for small groups of casualties to eventually be targeted by the UN defense over a Basilisk feeding ground cataclysm or a massive seismic reaction. I had to watch the explanation several times to try and get it all.

Granted, I haven’t watched too many episodes leading up to this one, but I really expected more from Magnus’s timeline reunion. Also with all the talk of repercussions, I expected a little more of a difference to the current events when she returned. I will hold out hope that since John Druitt is still missing, there might be a slight chance that the future-Magnus-in-the-past’s ninja girl power-moves on past-Druitt might have left a character mark that has morphed over the passing 113 or so years. And what of all that time spent in waiting? Nothing? I want MORE.

The next installment of Sanctary airs October 21st on the Syfy Channel.


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