Review: American Horror Story “Murder House”

If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, you’ve asked yourself, “Why?” Sitting in the audience, our perception is 20/20. We can see behind characters and doors and into shadows and under beds. We’re meant to. This is the episode that answers our biggest “Why?”




(in no particular order)


* You’re rich, but you blew your money on the house you thought was a really great deal, and now you don’t have any money to move. You have to sell the house first.


* You work out of your house and you don’t have the means to get an office.


* You can’t get a single real estate agent in the city to take your listing except the woman who sold you the house, and threatening her with a lawsuit is your best working relationship.


* Your doctor says that in your pregnant state, you are NOT ALLOWED to move because the stress would cause elevated levels of CRH which could lead to a spontaneous abortion, though I would have said “miscarriage” if I had been the doctor, but that’s just me.


* Your emo daughter calls you on your wishy washy attitude, and she threatens to run away if you move.


Interesting twists of the episode include Constance being one of the house’s former residents and she was not only a resident, but a part of the gruesome history, murdering her cheating husband and the 1983 version of Moira, the first time. I suppose that’s what she meant. Moira’s blue eye is what remains of that incident.


I thought the storyline with Hayden was awesome. She played so completely bonkers. I was surprised they killed her off so quick, but the gazebo? Classic. Hayden and Moira grave bunking? Love it. I also enjoy the way the house interacts with Ben. He blacks out and then appears places that deal with his eventual problems. It sure was nice of the burned man, Larry Harvey, to introduce Hayden’s face to the end of a shovel for $1000 worth of head shots. Sounds like a bargain.


More flashbacks to the beginning of the “Murder House” history! Charles Montgomery built the house for his wife Nora, who despite his crazy Frankenstein experiments and drug addiction, was probably going to murder his nasty wife regardless. She was a real treat in her life. Glad she’s haunting the Harmons. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.


Though admittedly, this episode wasn’t as scary as the two preceding it. I didn’t feel it was short of entertaining content. I spent so much time being terrified the last two episodes, that I actually got a little relaxed enjoyment from the horrors of this one.


Looking forward to getting my fix again Wednesday, October 26 at 10PM on FX.


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