Review: American Horror Story “Home Invasion”

Remind me never to move into a “classic LA Victorian” and if you just can’t physically hold me back because of my freakish strength then please insist that I check to make sure it’s not listed on any murder tours.

First of all: writers, producers, actors and people in charge at FX. What the what? First you INSIST on having the scariest show in television at night and then you put rubber man in the show which is made even more terrifying by the prospect that he might SHOW UP AT MY HOUSE. Then you, IN THE SECOND EPISODE (sorry for the caps guys, but seriously) you take MY NUMBER ONE FEAR and put it on screen.


Deeeeep breath.


When Ben Harmon’s crazy murder groupie recounted her dream in the elevator I started to prepare myself, and when she jumped to the half-way-in-half-way-out position I made my viewing screen as small as I could stand and put my hand up to block it. I’m not ashamed. I couldn’t watch. I will die being smushed in a rapidly descending elevator before I risk being cut in half.


Enough about me.


So, in this episode we take a break from the supernatural freakiness of the house and venture into classic psycho slashing. I’m reluctant to call this a murder-of-the-week episode because I don’t want that to sound like it’s a bad thing. It’s fitting. I think it’s great, though I’m not sure how realistic it will be long term. Though I am totally on board for the continual haunting from victims of the MotW episodes, should that be the route that’s been laid out? Also I think it needs to be noted that the murder from the pilot episode was 1978 and the week’s murder was 1968. Seems strange to have them exactly 10 years apart. Mental note to watch that.


I took criminal justice in college and the whole tied-up-nurse thing looked really familiar. Is this something I’m recalling from a movie or a classic murder case? I’m asking you this internet, because when I Google “nurse murder tied up” I start to feel like I’m being watched by child protective services, and I like my kids. So, help me out and tell me where I’ve seen that before.


I’m glad that Violet and Leah (face slashed coke head) have seemed to have called a truce. Though Violet seems to find Tate’s magical appearance at home during the hostage situation as a sign of well intention. Truly, I think think the neighbor’s magic muffin was really the hero of this story.


In conclusion, I loved the episode. I will love any episode more than any rubber man episode, for the record. He scares me. Though of all the things curious about the house, I hope that maybe the Harmons can look into WHY PEOPLE CAN GET IN TO THEIR ALARM READY HOUSE SO EASILY. Just a thought.


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