Review: Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 1 “Tempus”

Not having seen many previous episodes and only having read up on the prior season, I can’t say that the reunions of past and present characters are as appreciated by me as they probably were by those of you who have followed along from the start.

Helen Magnus has traveled back in time in pursuit of Adam Worth. Once an acquaintance, he developed Jekyll/Hyde personality traits after his daughter died. He blamed Magnus for not trying harder to save her. After having developed and perfected his time dilation machine (after the destruction of Praxis) he was successful in traveling back in time to 1898 in an attempt to save his daughter’s life regardless of the implications to the timeline.

Following Worth, Magnus reunites with her detective friend, James Watson, who discovers soon enough that she is from the future, ya know, cause he’s a detective. She is cautious in teaming up with him, not knowing the implications on the future.

I sense that this reunion is probably really great for long term watchers and fans. I also sense that this episode may be better appreciated by those that have watched the flashback episodes on the inceptions of Sancutary and the original group.

What I loved about the episode was that it felt that at the end of the day, no one succeeded or failed.

Adam Worth’s daughter still dies. Though this time it was indirectly by his own hand as he shoots Magnus, the shot hits a nearby building and she is crushed by the falling rubble. After Magnus shoots the future Worth and runs off, the scene is flushed with the (past) present Magnus, Watson and Worth. Worth blames Magnus and Watson for not helping her, and blames them for her death. Time course corrects. The outcome is basically the same.
I love that the new adventure doesn’t require shooting Magnus back to her own time. Because she ages so slowly, the idea is that she will just lay low, take a LONG vacation, until she can rejoin her timeline at the place where she left off.
I do have to wonder with all their talk of timeline repercussions, will any of this effect future episodes? She had a pretty out-of-character-for-the-time-line smack down with John Druitt. I wonder how or if that will play out.
Looking forward to watching the past seasons and also beginning to salivate for episode two of season 4 of Sanctuary on Syfy.

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