Preview: Sanctuary Season 4 Episode 1 “Tempus”

On October 5, 2011, I was a Sanctuary noob. Then I was asked to preview and review the show already about to present the first episode of its fourth season.

So was this a show I could just jump into? Uh, no, not likely. Do I have time to watch all three seasons before the premiere of season four? Not even if I watch them all back to back without sleeping.
This is what I did. Before I even cracked an episode open I logged on to the wiki for Sanctuary. First I was struck that this was an internet based show that grew in such popularity that it was turned into mainstream television. Secondly, it’s lasted three seasons and made it to a fourth. Impressive stats right there.
Now I’ve read the boiled down condensed recaps of the first three seasons and I decided that before I watched the season 4 premiere I would watch the last few episodes of season 3. I watched Carentan, Out of the Blue and Into the Black.
Now, it’s no secret. Those who know me know that I’m not a Stargate fan. In fact when I got the press kit for Sanctuary, I didn’t recognize Amanda Tapping from the pictures. When I saw her face flashed into view in the, previously on Sanctuary, my first thought was, “but wait, I don’t like Stargate.” But I had made my commitment. I was going to make the best judgement I could on a show I’d never seen, and I was going to give it a fair shot. Not that I had anything against Amanda Tapping herself, just that I identified her with Stargate (Amanda and I are cool, right Amanda? Call me!!)
Y’all, I really liked it. It’s very Stargate-y-ish to me and I do actually forget and have to remind myself that the whole show is pretty much greenscreened. It looks good, and from what I’ve seen the CGI and special effects are great. Not too over the top. The characters are endearing and well played, and the premise is pretty creative.
The premiere of season 4 deals with time travel in a way that I thought was handled spectacularly. I thought the ending played out in a way I wasn’t expecting and I thought it was very clever. I’m still pulling together all of the characters, so I’ll say more in the review after the episode airs.
Let me tell you this, Syfy. Two days ago I was a Sanctuary noob, but today I’m a convert. I’ll be obtaining my copies of seasons 1-3 and I’ll be writing previews and reviews along with season 4. I’m so glad I was introduced to this show.
Sanctuary Season 4 “Tempus” premieres Friday October 7th at 10PM E/P

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