Preview: American Horror Story “Home Invasion”

Ready for another round, eh? Well I hope you’re well prepared. In fact, maybe you’re interested in a little homework before you settle into episode 2.

I was able to hang out on a conference call with co-creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy and they answered the question that fueled my last post reviewing the Pilot. 


QUESTION:  When I was watching it, I felt very strong influences by certain horror movies.  And I was wondering if you could tell me what your favorite horror movies that influenced you as artists are, because I felt strong corollaries between “American Horror Story” and certain films that I’ve seen.

BRAD FALCHUK:  We both are very big fans of the genre.  I love “Halloween,” and, you know, we both love “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Shining.”  Anything where the ‑‑ I think the genre part of it is ‑‑ you know, sort of enhances the story as opposed to being sort of, you know, something about just, you know, murder porn.

 RYAN MURPHY:  And I also think the second episode in particular is about that, but I think as you go on, there is less of that.  I mean, my favorite movie, horror, growing up was “Don’t Look Now.”  The second episode, in a weird way, is a tribute to a lot of great horror movies and scenes that we like, but I think that happens less as we move through the show.  But everybody says that about “Nip/Tuck” too, that ‑‑ I mean about “Glee,” that they can see a lot of “Singing in the Rain” in the first three episodes.  I think that anytime you do something genre, you are compared to the other genre pieces thata have come before.  In this case we embrace that just because, you know, I love that genre, and I think so many of those great directors were amazing.  So I guess some of it is homage, but I think as we go deeper into the stories, you will see less of that.


And as much I claim to be a classic horror movie junkie, “Don’t Look Now” wasn’t one I had even seen. So I made sure that I completed my viewing of the classic afro wearing Donald Sutherland (who gets mostly naked, so you’ve been warned). I do see the strong influences, especially near the end of the episode, and I’m glad to have added “Don’t Look Now” to my library.


Speaking with Erin (@Loster21) on Twitter last night after I watched it, we both agreed this episode is indeed scarier than the pilot, but it is a much more classic scary. It’s a scary where you’re frightened of the psychotic capabilities of your fellow man. The pilot, on the other hand, was a much more supernatural kind of scary. I prefer the former if I were picking horror out of a bucket, but kudos to the writers for finding a superb way of housing (OH LOOK A PUN) both.

American Horror Story Episode 2 Home Invasion airs October 12th at 10PM on FX despite all my emails about my preference for it to be aired during the day.


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