Review: Fringe S3 E22 “The Day We Died”

Season Finale it is.

I get points for the new color of the title sequence, right? I know it wasn’t yellow (it was gray), but still! I should get points for that.



We’ve officially been transported to the future, about 15 years. Turns out after the machine experiment things go from bad to worse in our little blue universe, and as a last ditch effort Peter grabs Walternate from the red universe to try and help stop the destruction of both universes only to strand him in the blue universe while the red one is destroyed. Trials are held and Walter is imprisoned as the best point of blame for the events. Walternate goes into recluse as he looks like the world’s most hated man. Though what’s the fun in being a recluse when you can be working on terrorist revenge plots? Plots that can help along the forming worm holes. Oh, Walternate.



Walter is release from prison under heavy guard to help Peter and Olivia try and work out the technology behind the terrorist events, which lead them on a radioactive trail that leads Peter right to Walternate’s secluded home. But while Peter thinks he off to talk sense into Walternate, he’s really talking to a hologram.



The real Walternate is out shooting Olivia in the head. Ouch. Rude.



There is a funeral and much sorrow and drinking and the Walter informs us that it is he who was the one who sent all the pictures of Peter and Olivia. Walter suggests Peter change events and “cheat the rules of time,” to which Peter replies, “imagine the repercussions.” Yes, Peter, let’s imagine a 4th Season full of repercussions. But wait, there’s one small bomb left.


Peter decides that his great event changer will be to merge the red and blue worlds at the sight of the machine in a doppleganger bridge. The dopplegangers are to work together to figure out how to save both worlds, and they must do this without Peter… ’cause he disappeared mid-sentence. Like *POOF*


And the off goes the bomb. And by bomb, I mean verbal bombshell, as spoken by the Observers outside on liberty island.




“You were right, they don’t remember Peter.”


“How could they? He never existed. He served his purpose.”


I’m not like ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT, but those final words from the Observes do have me more interested in what will happen next season than if we had just decided to holster our differences in hair color and work together at the credits rolled. It’ll be interesting to see why they chose to do that and how they will write themselves out of it.


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