Review: Fringe S3E19 “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”

Um yeah.

Right, um…

First of all, can we all try and picture the pitch that went to the actors….

“Hey, Anna! LOVE what you’ve been doing with the character nuances this season! Listen, we’re going to do something a little different with this episode ‘Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.’ What’s that? Oh, yes, we’ll be doing another acid trip. See, what we’re going to do here is perform an ‘Inception’ like rescue of Olivia’s consciousness. Right, right, we’re going to do that thing where your consciousness gets all paranoid and chase-y when it senses people that don’t belong. All of our ‘rescuers’ will try and find your ‘safe place’ and eventually they’ll find you, but you’ll be masked and you’ll need to overcome your insecurities to get out. Yeah, yeah we’ll have the dying in the dream bit be an exit for a couple of people. We will also TOTALLY have a BLIMP get-away scene. And you know how popular ZOMBIES are these days? We’ll have to throw in some zombies. YES! Did I mention that the whole time the cast will be a cartoon? I know! We can totally phone it in!”

Um yeah. That’s exactly how I’m picturing it.

I’m all for some crazy sci-fi, but let’s get it clear that if there were ever an episode of Fringe that you could NOT watch as your very first beginner episode. This. Was. The. One.

Three things worth mentioning (and yes, two of them are hair related, HEAR ME OUT).

Most obviously, when Olivia returns from the LSD dream state with her new found confidence she does let that ponytail go and let that hair down.

Secondly, how significant is this?

Tell me her hair isn’t DRAMATICALLY shorter. It is way shorter. This was like a red flag for me. It’s really different (I’ll shut up about the hair now).

And lastly:
X marks the spot. This is the final twist of the episode. In all of Olivia’s new calm, she names this man as the man who will kill her. GAH! WHUT NOW?!? It can’t be a clear as Olivia herself dying, right? I mean THAT WOULD SUCK. So does that mean that Faux-livia would die? Even though we love her new sweet baby-ness (whatever, still not falling for it) is it her death? WHO IS THAT GUY? Do we know him already? Is he on the earth as we know it or is he a parallel-a-character? I mean he was locked on the blimp now wasn’t he?

Very interesting.

I have to leave you with this.  Was he not the cutest thing? Is this his first smile?

See you next time Fringies.


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